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Product Availability

A brief message from the Boss.

Yes! I’m still here.
Alive, and doing well.
I get that a lot, lately.
It’s a pandemic.

Compared to what many are going through right now, I have no complaints. There is new stuff coming. I still work on trains. Several new projects are almost complete. Including that 0-4-0 Yardlette loco that would have been finished, sold, and shipped 4 months ago, in normal times. I am not unaware.

These are not normal times. My day job morphed into streaming text, email, and Zoom calls, helping people cope with changes this pandemic caused. Not an excuse, but a fact. I give my FULL attention to anything I do.

Including On30 trains. Anyone who has my work in their collection, already knows this is true. I’m working on trains in short blocks of time. The pace is slow, but the work does not suffer. I’m sorry for the wait. But, I’ll get there. We all will.
I hope. Stay safe and be well.

Tim P.