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Uniquely individual, handmade, fine scale models for around the same price as a mass produced, pre-built, all look alike, toy. We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it. ...... Yes, we do lots of CUSTOM BUILT models by request. Contact us for a free quote.

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Ultimate On30 Gas Side Rod Critter Loco #6 DCC Tsunami 2 Sound KA4

$ 599.99

If you like Gas Side Rod Critter Locos, you won't find another one that runs this well and has a custom 3D printed cab body that took months to design and print. Custom Bachmann On30 Scale Center Cab 4-axle Gas Side Rod Critter loco #6, Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 Sound, Train Control Systems (TCS) Keep Alive KA4, and working direction controlled Front & Rear LED lights. Don't like our prime mover, whistle, or bell sounds? That's okay, there's a whole library of other sounds available - including crew radio talk - on this TSU-21PNEM (885011) Alco diesel sound system.

We started with a brand new Bachmann HO scale GE 45 ton locomotive 85206 with DCC. We removed all the extraneous digital junk Bachmann puts in on top of the motor, and installed a new DCC Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 TSU-21PNEM Sound system with a Train Control Systems (TCS) Keep Alive KA4 wired direct to the motor. Now, it runs so slow on notch #1, you can barely see it moving.

We removed the original body and installed a 3D printed center cab shell that mounts onto the chassis via the original 4 screws under the cab. The new cab has two side doors with latch detail, dusty window glass plastic in all but the crew windows, fully painted and weathered Engineer and Fireman figures, fully painted cab interior, detailed front/rear radiator vents, front & rear cab bell, front & rear grab railings, cab entry side grab bars & slot steps, two exhaust stacks, air tanks under chassis, side rods with counter weights on all axles and a new 22mm round speaker in the cab. The finished model has several coats of acrylic weathering with a final light coat of dust, so it will look good (or would that be bad) for many years to come. The separate 3D printed cab roof fits so well, we didn't need to glue it down, allowing easy access to the cab interior.

After all that work, we couldn't resist running it around the test track a few times so it probably has ten minutes or less of run time on it before we cleaned the wheels and packed it up. Not only does it look great with Bachmann 18' cars (not included), but it ran great on our 15" radius test track with no problems even with 18' On30 freight cars coupled to it.

All the original Soundtraxx Tsunami & TCS KA4 paperwork is included, so you can play with the cv codes all you like, but not the original box since the modified loco doesn't fit into it any more. You will receive the actual model shown in the photos. Items combined if possible and include professional packing and insurance. Background scenery, track and On30 freight cars are NOT included.

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