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Uniquely individual, handmade, fine scale models for around the same price as those mass produced, pre-built, all look alike, Chinese toys. We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it.

1934 Ford Stake Truck - O Scale On30 - 1/43 Diecast

1934 Ford Stake Truck - O Scale On30 - 1/43 Diecast

$ 199.99

Some of these old farm trucks are still running along the Rio Grande. This model may look a little like all the other diecast 1934 trucks out there but it's different from the frame up. Scratch built from a heavily modified brand new donor 1:43 scale diecast 1934 Ford Truck frame this stake truck is a full 4 scale feet shorter and a little narrower to make it closer to O scale.

The truck has an individually hand built all hand cut wood stake truck stringer bed common to this time period on a new scratch built rear frame. There's a fully painted weathered interior, clear headlight bezels, clear windshield & rear window glass plastic (NOT frosted), underframe details, real readable period front & rear license plates and a completely detailed dusty rusty engine and radiator.

The wheels roll smoothly (NO pullback action) and both doors open to reveal a detailed interior with bench seat, dashboard, steering wheel, brake, gas pedal, clutch and tall bent gear shift. The finished model has several coats of flat acrylic weathering stain over it, so it will look good (or would that be bad) for many years to come.

This truck is about 5 inches long by 1 3/4 inches wide. All dimensions are approximate (+/-) unless otherwise stated in the listing. This is completely built. We've done all the hard work for you. Buyer will receive the actual model shown in the photos, completely finished, ready to drop in place. Items combined if possible and include professional packing and insurance. Background scenery shown is NOT included.

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