On30 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Loco DMC #23 DCC TCS KA Sound


Custom On30 0-6-0 DMC #23 Locomotive & Tender Rebuild.

Problem 1: Runs poorly.
Reason(s): Bad drive gears. Split main gear.
Remedy: Replace drivetrain (modify new drivetrain to fit original model).
Problem 2: Low sound quality.
Reason(s): Poor speaker location. Speaker too small. Baffle cover missing.
Remedy: Replace 13 x 9 x 8.5mm mini cube2 with 28mm (1″) round speaker. Relocate speaker to tender.
Problem 3: Live decoder wires caught under worm gear (hot ground).
Reason(s): No gear box cover.
Remedy: Remove wires from gear box. Install gear box cover.
Problem 4: Cosmetic damage/broken or missing parts.
Reason(s): Handling/time.
Remedy: Repair, replace, & touch up paint.

Description of work completed:

  • Installed new TCSWowKA 2 amp Sound System #1507 with 28 mm Boom-Box speaker enclosure in tender.
  • Drilled acoustic speaker hole pattern in bottom of tender. Completely disassembled drivetrain & gearbox.
  • Removed metal shavings from gearbox left over from original boiler weight cut off.
  • Inspected & tested all gears. Replaced one badly worn gear.
  • Cleaned out drivetrain, removing all the original oil and grease.
  • Reassembled and reset the drivetrain. Quartered drivers.
  • Reapplied oil to the gears and drivers.
  • Tested and fine tuned rebuilt drivetrain & gears.

Simplified loco wiring:

  • Modified locomotive shell to fit TCSWow decoder inside saddle tank on Engineer’s side.
  • Installed KeepAlive device inside modified saddle tank on the Fireman’s side.
  • Moved 90% of wiring under boiler shell, except speaker and rear light wires.
  • Installed new single tender wire connector on Engineer’s side.
  • Installed new working rear light in tender to match Loco headlight.
  • Added 4 screws and mounting posts in tender bottom to hold tender shell on.
  • Replaced original cut off boiler weight with new boiler weight cut properly to retain chassis set screw.

Refurbished/rebuilt/replaced cosmetic damage as needed.:

  • Installed/leveled new foot boards.
  • Added cab floor with side framing.
  • Leveled saddle tanks with new foot boards.
  • Modified boiler head so shell will lift off in one piece like original 2-6-0 donor shell.
  • Reinstalled crew and boiler head details.
  • Added coal spillage.
  • Repaired/reinstalled loose/missing details in tender & locomotive.
  • Painted, weathered, and detailed repaired areas to blend in with existing locomotive finish.

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