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Uniquely individual, handmade, fine scale models for around the same price as those mass produced, pre-built, all look alike, Chinese toys. We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it.

Our Story (Who We Are & What We Do)

FineTrains is dedicated to providing the best 1/4 scale (O, On30, On3, On2) fully built original design craftsman models for your hard earned money. Many of our models have been built for third parties and you may have already seen some of our finest work on display or in museums without even knowing it. No we're not famous. We haven't been published in any of the Train magazines, Digests or Fine Scale Gazettes. We're not working on our own - How To - DVD. We've been quietly building some of the best original models for the money we can and putting a smile on the faces of those who took a chance on us.

We offer unique original products with the same high quality fully detailed fine custom design previously only found in elite railway museums. These are NOT kits. They are every bit as detailed, weathered and completely assembled as our one-of-a-kind exclusive museum offerings. What you see in our professionally shot product photos are the actual finished model that you will receive - not a box of parts - not a similar unit - but the real thing as shown with all the extras.

Our builders use the smallest environmental footprint possible and our shop is now 100% solar power. We use resin & plastics sparingly, by from locally sourced suppliers and scour the world for non-toxic low VOC green paints. All our glues, wood, dental stone and stains come from renewable sources.

We're not here for the model train industry, rivet counters, or the FSM elite. We're here solely for those who want to have - at least once - a fine looking model they can enjoy - share with their friends - without dedicating a lifetime of evenings learning a weathering technique from a DVD. That's our job. Our skilled artisans, designers & craftsmen scour the history books, photos, videos and DVDs to bring you the very best accurately scaled historically correct models we can make.

Our designers are all insanely train happy nuts. They won't take your money and send you a pretty photo on a cardboard box full of thousands of metal parts, strip wood pieces and 32 pages of illustrated step-by-step instructions. What you see is what you get. Sure, we take a pretty photo of the finished, assembled, completed model. But when you buy from us - you get the completed model - not the photo (you can print that yourself for free). Every model we sell looks as good as or better than the photos.

We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it.