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Uniquely individual, handmade, fine scale models for around the same price as a mass produced, pre-built, all look alike, toy. We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it. ...... Yes, we do lots of CUSTOM BUILT models by request. Contact us for a free quote.

On30 0-4-2 Porter DCC TCS Wow Sound KA Runs on 10" RADIUS - Oil Burner

On30 0-4-2 Porter DCC TCS Wow Sound KA Runs on 10" RADIUS - Oil Burner

$ 499.99 

On30 0-4-2 Porter & tender with DCC TCS Wow KA Sound. Bad track, dead switch points or throws, don't matter. This loco just keeps on running even on tight 10" radius curves!

Every now and then, we get a Bachmann On30 Porter with DCC that at least runs, but not well. So, we remove the factory DCC & other assorted electronic junk, and install a Train Control Systems (TCS) Wow Sound Version 4. Now, it runs so slow, you won't have the patience to wait.

Don't like our whistle sound? That's okay, there's loads of others available along with other chuff sounds/rates, 2 or 3 cylinder and/or articulated for you to tinker with all using the easily accessible TCS audio assistant - NO MORE CV CODE programming. Audio assist has easy menu driven choices just like voice mail.

This started as an 0-4-0 Porter. We added a tag axle under the cab and scratch built tender with power pickups. The original cab was extensively modified for a lone operator. We added a fully painted and weathered figure, roof top whistle, bell pull cable, oil cans, grease gun, box of parts, corrugated roof, grab railings, stirrup steps, rustic timber front pilot and a large fuel oil tank on rear of cab. The finished model has several coats of acrylic weathering with a final light coat of dust, so it will look good (or would that be bad) for many years to come.

After all that work, we couldn't resist running it around the test track a few times so it probably has ten minutes or less of run time on it before we cleaned the wheels and packed it up. Not only does it look great with Bachmann 18' cars (not included), but it runs so slow without stalling, it took over 15 minutes to go around our test track once. And, it even ran well on our 10" radius inner circle of track.

All the original Bachmann and TCS paperwork is included, so you can play with the audio assistant menus all you like. You will receive the actual 0-4-2 locomotive & tender shown in the video and photos. Background scenery, track and On30 freight cars are NOT included. Items combined if possible and include professional packing and insurance.