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Uniquely individual, handmade, fine scale models for around the same price as a mass produced, pre-built, all look alike, toy. We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it. ...... Yes, we do lots of CUSTOM BUILT models by request. Contact us for a free quote.

HO Scale Locomotives

Ready-to-run HO scale locomotives with superior DCC & Sound.

  • YES, we still build these!

  • We'd be happy to build one for you.

  • We can't keep these in stock.

  • They sell out before we can get the camera out of the box to take photos.

    Please contact us if you need an HO locomotive built or weathered, with superior sound quality and running characteristics like our On30 scale line. We're not a global mega corporation like Bachmann, BLI, or Athearn, and we don't build 100,000 copies of each model.

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