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Uniquely individual, handmade, fine scale models for around the same price as a mass produced, pre-built, all look alike, toy. We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it. ...... Yes, we do lots of CUSTOM BUILT models by request. Contact us for a free quote.

09 Aug '17

TCS Wow Steam Sound Whistle Samples

TCS Wow Version 4 Steam Whistle Sounds Demo - All of them.

A straight whistle blast play through of all the steam locomotive whistle sounds available on a TCS Wow Sound DCC Version 4 decoder. And that's just 1 of 4 different whistle variations for each sound like the quill whistle variations.

08 Jul '17
08 Jul '17
09 Jan '17

BIG NEWS - FineTrains DUMPS eBay - You Save - eBay Loses!

Beginning in February, FineTrains will NO LONGER be SELLING new items regularly on eBay. EBay has made it increasingly impossible for small businesses to offer products at a fair price with their recent 40% increase in fees, mandatory sales quotas catering to high volume cheaply made product sellers - ignoring low volume, high quality sellers, mandatory free shipping, free return shipping and 6 month no questions asked return policy. Add in 10% for PayPal fees and one half of every dollar you spend on eBay goes to eBay & PayPal. Do you know any other business that gets a 50% cut of the pie? Okay, except for the Mafia?

Now to be fair, eBay claims you can opt out of offering any returns, free shipping, free returns and not adhere to eBay's mandatory sale quotas. And for that privilege, you will pay 40% more in listing fees and good luck having customers find any of your listings. If you don't conform to eBay's high volume, poor quality, cheap product stream, your listings will be sorted to the bottom of the barrel with all the other poor suckers like us, who think they can win playing eBay's ever changing high volume only game. EBay has made it clear, they intend to take over the stream of poor quality, cheap imitation products dumped worldwide. They are positioned to be the worldwide Wal-Mart or 99 Cent store, where you can get 1000 metal coated plastic nuts & bolts shipped free from Rancho Cucamonga, California, then dumped at your local post office for delivery. Of course, maybe 20 out of the 1000 will actually work or be shaped like a nut or bolt should, but hey what a deal!

FineTrains will continue to list an occasional item on eBay, mainly as advertising so we are not forgotten. But, the days of our customers paying 50% more for our high quality low volume handmade work, just to make eBay and PayPal rich, are over. Please visit us here, at our website, Pinterest, or Facebook weekly to see our new stuff at a great price. You know you can always count on FineTrains to stand behind every product we sell. We've been doing that for years and we don't need eBay to show us how. Your money is always safe and secure on our Shopify powered website.

Shopify is the best in the business and the exclusive internet provider for FineTrains LLC. Shopify has been down once in the last two years when half the east coast internet was briefly taken down by hackers. EBay is down 6 times a week, on average, depending on your location. Our eBay account has also been repeatedly hacked. Never happens on Shopify. We spend 6 hours a week on average on the phone with eBay customer support. I called Shopify once in 2 years. They answered on the second ring and it was fixed withing 15 minutes. Simply the best in the business.

Please tell your friends. If you're looking for the Finest Trains - O, On30, On3 scale scenery & structures - for your layout, go to FineTrains, Google FineTrains, visit FineTrains on FaceBook, or on Pinterest. Forget eBay. Don't you have enough 75% off junk laying around that seemed to work for a little while, then died?

12 Nov '16