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Uniquely individual, handmade, fine scale models for around the same price as a mass produced, pre-built, all look alike, toy. We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it. ...... Yes, we do lots of CUSTOM BUILT models by request. Contact us for a free quote.

02 Nov '17

Bachmann On30 2-6-0 Sound Ready Mogul METAL versus NYLON Gears: Split Gear Issue

There’s been a lot of false information about the split gear issue in Bachmann On30 Moguls. Because they were sourced from several factories around the globe, yet all Moguls seemingly look alike, many people may rightly think the problem is in all Moguls with plastic gears. But, the split gear issue occurred mainly in Chinese built units with plastic gears, and in less than 1/10TH of 1% of all Chinese built units. Not much comfort to the few who received one with split gears. So, the METAL GEARS, should fix everything, right? Not so fast, hobbyists.

We’ve already had several brand new METAL GEARED, sound ready Mogul units with cracked or broken gears. So many have been returned that Bachmann has advised dealers NOT to use METAL GEARS in their sales literature but to say SOUND READY instead, because metal gears are no longer a marketing asset. The solution is not metal over nylon or plastic, the issues are poor quality controls, insufficient testing, and downward market price pressure.

While anything can break, all our Mogul models are made using a GERMAN built 2-6-0 donor model with NYLON gears. We’ve had only 1 in the over 1000 Moguls with plastic gears fail – during testing – never shipped. We have not had any issues with the German built models. All our models go through a very strenuous testing and cleaning process. Only the survivors are ever sold.

09 Aug '17

TCS Wow Steam Sound Whistle Samples

TCS Wow Version 4 Steam Whistle Sounds Demo - All of them.

A straight whistle blast play through of all the steam locomotive whistle sounds available on a TCS Wow Sound DCC Version 4 decoder. And that's just 1 of 4 different whistle variations for each sound like the quill whistle variations.

04 May '17

EBay’s Latest Marketing Scam – Prices So LOW on Products You’ll NEVER Receive

We’ve all seen it. Unbelievably LOW, low prices on brand new highly detailed MTH, Walthers, and Athearn HO scale locos with DCC & Sound on eBay. Forget it. Don’t be fooled. Take it from a fellow fool. We TRIED to buy several of these locomotives from Non-U.S. sellers. We got fake China EMS tracking numbers, notices from eBay that the seller had been removed but not to worry, the sale should still go through just fine. What we didn’t get? You guessed it, NO locomotives. Just a refund on all but one, so far. Thanks to some creative arm twisting between our PayPal & eBay accounts.

But, you say, a $300 HO Scale locomotive with ProtoSound 3.0, or FULL rich Tsunami sound for less than $50 bucks delivered free from central China or South Korea in only 2 months sounds great, right? Not if you don’t get it. Not if someone else gets to use your money for free for 2 months. That’s assuming you get ALL your money back. Remember when you were a kid and you mailed in $3 cash to some P.O. Box listed on the back of a comic book hoping to get a full working miniature replica of the Lost in Space robot? Remember how that turned out? Yeah, you didn’t get that either. Once a scam, always a scam.

So, what is the scam: LOW, low, lowest ever offered prices on MTH, Walthers, and Athearn HO scale locomotives, brand new, with DCC and digital sound on eBay? It’s slick, for one, just like Dan the barely used car man. Hell, I’ve been doing this for +30 years, and I decided to roll the dice. But, just like in the casino, I lost. And, I’m not the only one. Think about it. You sell a product you don’t have, for a fraction of the price, say $50 for a $300 locomotive, to 5 people. That’s $250 in your pocket for very little effort. Then you repeat it with 10 fake friends and you’ve hit the big time, $2500. Pocket the cash and take off never to be seen again, or use the money for some other illegal activity, and refund it all back after folks complain two or three weeks or even months down the road. Sounds like a pretty good money laundering scheme.

Now, eBay will tell you it’s just a coincidence and that most sellers on eBay are honest. Ok. When you’re done laughing, I’ll continue. Ready. No, not yet? A little more? Ok. That kind of coincidence, requires an awful lot of prior planning. At one point, we counted over 10 sellers on eBay selling these unbelievable HO locomotive deals. That’s no coincidence. That’s a marketing plan! Now, I would never suggest that eBay was bumping up their profit margin to mitigate an imbalance in cash flow by encouraging this behavior. No, I’d never say that while I’m still waiting for my last refund, now 30 days overdue. If I sound bitter, it’s only because I am.

I’m sure this marketing plan isn’t limited to model trains. It’s more likely infected eBay worldwide. If you see an irresistible price on anything from an obviously foreign seller, ask yourself. Do you have the money to spare gambling on some flim-flam artist? Do you want to spend what little free time you have on hold with eBay customer service? Do you want to become a bitter blog author waiting for their last 30 day overdue refund with one finger hovering over the cancel account button on eBay? Let the buyer beware. It’s a den of thieves on eBay. Nothing new under the sun. Be careful out there.

- From all of us at FineTrains.

30 Jun '16

And the Reviews Keep Coming In

Some recent unedited reviews about our work from customers.

On30 On3 Wycoming Mining Stone Shed #2 O Scale

on3o wycoming mining stone shed          ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
Once again finetrains does a outstanding job. fine craftsmanship detailed and accurately scaled structures at there best. one of the best out there.                  

                Don Mowry                                       

On30 On3 Iron Mountain Mine O Scale

on3o iron mountain mine.                           ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
As always finetrains is outstanding. Superb craftsmanship and detail. This little mine looks great. I own five of there structures and if i had room on my layout i would own more. You could not go wrong with finetrains.                               

                Don Mowry                                       

On30 Stone Backwoods Water Tower

on3o stone backwoods water tower       ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
finetrains has outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. if you want that special structure for your layout you can,t beat finetrains. highly recommended.                 

                Don Mowry                                       

On30 On3 Rico Junction Freight Shed O Scale

Finetrains is a+, there work                         ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
Finetrains is a+, there work is excellent and there structures are highly detailed. i own one and wll be purchasing two more.                   

                Don Mowry                                       

C. W. Hamblin & Sons with LED Interior Lights

great structure                                                  ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
great structure                 

                Howard Shaw                                   

On30 Scale 2-6-0 Porter Locomotive #9 DCC & Tsunami Sound

Excellent                                                              ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
If I were rich I would purchase every on30 unit you list. You work is fantastic. I'm a detail nut and very excited by my trains and will buy more keep up the good work and fast service . Wendell                            

                WendellL Grant
29 Jun '15