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13 Sep '16

TCS Wow Sound versus SoundTraxx Tsunami Review Update: Move Over TCSWow Sound, Soundtraxx Tsunami Econami Is Not Sound Value

There's an updated version of this blog at TCS Wow V4 versus Tsunami 2.

Remember that first Bachmann Alco switcher with Tsunami SoundValue sound? You know, the one you could barely hear? You were so excited to finally get a locomotive with sound for under $100, you never noticed only your dog could hear it run. Those days are over, thanks to Soundtraxx Econami sound. This is not the same animal. Soundtraxx Econami is not SoundValue, but is probably the best value in sound quality Soundtraxx has ever offered.

Soundtraxx Tsunami Econami is the full featured sound you’ve been looking for all your model railroading life at a price even over worked and underpaid Americans can afford. If you like high quality, loud sound, you’re gonna love it.

We’ve installed hundreds of these units since they came out, and honestly, I can’t figure out what they economized on with Econami. The diesel version offers 5 different prime movers and over 40 other sound effects. The steam version has 16 steam locomotives available along with 4 other chuff sounds, 2 or 3 cylinder and/or articulated for you to tinker with. No more single sound locomotive chips.

Test drive one today by watching any of our latest YouTube videos. But, you won’t get the full effect from the video. We had to turn down the sound gain on the recording. It was spiking the needle on our video system for the first time since we began making videos. Yep, it really is that good. Move over TCSWow sound. Soundtraxx isn’t going down without a fight.

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