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Uniquely individual, handmade, fine scale models for around the same price as those mass produced, pre-built, all look alike, Chinese toys. We will sell nothing until it looks so good we want to keep it.

23 Jul '15

These building models that FineTrains builds, are they one offs?

I had a customer ask me last week. These buildings that we make, are they one offs? To which I replied, mostly. Occasionally, we make a couple of the same type that are painted or weathered differently. I couldn’t tell if he was mad because he wanted 100 of the same building or happy because he wanted something nobody else had. You have a lot of choices when building a train layout or a collection. Do you spend a little less money and buy off the rack, mass produced, ready-made toy trains, or do you spend a ton of money buying only extremely rare, one of a kind, art pieces? Let me offer you a third choice. For about the same to a little more money than you would spend on the mass produced models, you can own one of our completely built, lighted, weathered, custom designed models. Most modelers want to show off what they got to their train buddies. The last thing they want to hear is, “oh, yeah, I have one just like it on my layout.”

You’ll never hear that with one of our models. The worst you might hear is, “I have one sort of like that, but yours is completely different.” So, I guess we do build one-offs. But, as someone who wants MY layout to look like I made it rather than like I ordered it direct from Walthers, I can live with that! That’s FineTrains. That’s what we do best. It does create some challenges. Like how do we show off our 3 Terra byte photo gallery of previous models? I fell asleep after the first 15 minutes of buildings scrolling by. That’s why there’s only a handful out of the thousands we’ve made on the website. Maybe we should sell the photo gallery. I hear a lot of people aren’t getting enough sleep. It might be just what they need.

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