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And the Reviews Keep Coming In

Some unedited reviews about my work from customers.

On30 On3 Wycoming Mining Stone Shed #2 O Scale

on3o wycoming mining stone shed          ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
Once again finetrains does a outstanding job. fine craftsmanship detailed and accurately scaled structures at there best. one of the best out there.                  

                Don Mowry                                       

On30 On3 Iron Mountain Mine O Scale

on3o iron mountain mine.                           ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
As always finetrains is outstanding. Superb craftsmanship and detail. This little mine looks great. I own five of there structures and if i had room on my layout i would own more. You could not go wrong with finetrains.                               

                Don Mowry                                       

On30 Stone Backwoods Water Tower

on3o stone backwoods water tower       ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
finetrains has outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. if you want that special structure for your layout you can,t beat finetrains. highly recommended.                 

                Don Mowry                                       

On30 On3 Rico Junction Freight Shed O Scale

Finetrains is a+, there work                         ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
Finetrains is a+, there work is excellent and there structures are highly detailed. i own one and wll be purchasing two more.                   

                Don Mowry                                       

C. W. Hamblin & Sons with LED Interior Lights

great structure                                                  ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
great structure                 

                Howard Shaw                                   

On30 Scale 2-6-0 Porter Locomotive #9 DCC & Tsunami Sound

Excellent                                                              ★            ★            ★            ★            ★
If I were rich I would purchase every on30 unit you list. You work is fantastic. I’m a detail nut and very excited by my trains and will buy more keep up the good work and fast service . Wendell                            

                WendellL Grant

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