Artisan O Scale & On30 Gauge Trains

About the Artist

For the last 25+ years, I’ve built & restored models for museums and international displays. I bring a unique approach to every creative project. They tell me only a handful of people in the world have my skill set. If you see something you like, buy it. There’s a good chance nothing like it will ever be made again.

Sorry, project delayed due to the pandemic. My day job helping people at AZADHD LLC, was overwhelmed with new clients.

What’s up next? You’re gonna love it!
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What’s BIGGER than an 0-4-0 Porter
but smaller than a 2-6-0 Mogul?

“My husband loved getting these as gifts. On bad days, he’d look at them and smile. I think it took his mind off things for a while.”

Caroline M., 72, Minneapolis

“Outstanding job. Fine craftsmanship detailed and accurately scaled structures at their best. One of the best out there.”

Grant W., 53, Iron Mountain